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Our Team

Our Team

Kamal BhandariKamal BhandariTrekking Specialist (Managing Director)

Kamal is a versatile Trek and Expedition operator who has hikes the trials across numorous mountains on Nepal’s Himalayas; he has himself led many trekking and peak climbing ventures for  Charity Organizations  and renowned trek companies worldwide. His support in the wild with trek groups supporting charity has helped raise funds for a lot of good purposes, and his extensive experience in supporting several charities has raised substantial funds that have helped backward communities and their  children live with dignity in several parts of the world.

Kamal Bhandari (who is a qualified climbing instructor and a yoga/meditation trainer)  is a soft spoken gentleman who has weathered some of the most rugged terrain on earth and has not hesitated to go the mile to ensure that his fellow trekking team members had always reached home safe… meet their loved ones and walk the dangerous trails again another time, for a better world.  Kamal has spent most of his professional career in Nepal’s Tourism Industry and has loved it to the hilt.

Nuru Wanchuk SherpaNuru Wanchuk SherpaPeak Climbing and Mountaineering Veteran (Field Director)

Nuru is one the of the mountaineering  towers of Himalaya Hikes. His record of summiting  Everest  15 times has boost the company in mountaineering  section inside and outside the  country.  Beside Everest he has numerous climbing  records on other  8000’s and 7000’s  meters mountains. Born on the steppes of Nepal’s punishing but beautiful mountains; Nuru Sherpa has mountaineering in his blood and is the off spring of a whole generation of high alpine climbers who accompanied some of the world’s most famous legends on daredevil expeditions to some of the highest mountains in the world within Nepal’s borders.

Nuru is well versed with the laws of nature and has saved a few lives on his many expeditions up some of Nepal’s most dangerous peaks. Nuru Sherpa is a happy-go-lucky mountaineer who loves the mountains more than himself and when being in the company of his highly skilled climber who knows how to read the winds on the mountains, guests of Himalaya Hikes can be sure that safety is an imperative norm when planning your trips with us.

Dipendra SharmaDipendra SharmaDoctor

Dr. Sharma is a key member of Himalaya Hikes. It is through him that the company have been able to provide doctors in every high  altitude  treks  and climbs.

He has been actively working as a high altitude doctor with different organization especially with charity groups for the last 14 years.

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