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The enthralling romance of Nepal comes from its very remote geographical locations. Nestled high in the Himalayas, the kingdom was closed to the outside world until 1951. Since then it has become one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world.

Apart from Nepal’s world famous landscapes – frozen peaks, broad valleys, lush jungles and exotic wildlife – it is a country with an ancient, rich and diverse cultural heritage. Nepal has an unrivaled range of environments, ranging from the lowlands of the Terai to the snowy summit of the highest mountain range on Earth.
Rich with a history of almost 3,000 years seeped in conspiracy, intrigue and royal blooded tragedies; legendary folklores date back further still, the inheritance and influences of the past are a constant presence in the everyday lifestyles of the people, despite modern influences that have penetrated the living standards of the people. Traditional architecture mingles with the modern; busy streets erratically meander around sacred shrines; festivals celebrate gods and favorite local deities almost every other day; and businessmen with iron pressed suits offer farewell tikas to departing visitors.

The lives of all of Nepal’s numerous ethnic groups and castes are strongly inclined to religion. Whether Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanist or, as is common, an amalgamation of beliefs, daily and life-long routines – morning rituals, making offerings at a shrine on the way to work and the bigger events of birth and death – are a pulsating aspect of Nepalese life. Architecture follows styles that provide for household shrines, deities are painted in lively colors and festivals are an integral part of life. Animals also play a vital role in the lives of the people; they can be found readied for the slaughter during Nepal’s numerous festivals & cows & bulls roam free on the streets of major cities.

Nepal is a land of supreme scenic beauty located within one of the most diverse geographical areas on earth. Traveling in Nepal not only offers an opportunity to submerge in Himalayan bliss but also provides visitors a chance to return to history just like it was thousands of years before. Exotic wildlife, high altitude meadows, magnificent mountains, incredible destinations, unique cultures & festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwaters & delectable oriental cuisines makes Nepal, undoubtedly, a traveler’s delight.

In a nutshell, visiting Nepal for a historical tour or for a trek on some of the world’s most popular trail blazing adventures; can be imagined to be a memorable hike through God’s own country with thrills that can be passed down for the generations to come.

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